Safety instructions and directions for use

A – heater, A1 – safety switch & lock, A2 – LED pilot lamp, A3 – lid, A4 – plug

B – cup holder, C – drinking cup, C1 – splash guard, C2 – mixer

How to use – in 5 steps


Step 1.

Add hot drink powder or tea bag into the cup and mount the splash barrier (Fig.1) to the drink cup.

Step 2.

Open the device and fill it with water. Close the folding cover. Lock the folding cover (Fig.2) and plug into the socket. Press the Safety Switch & Lock (Fig.3) till the LED lamp is on. The LED control lamp shines until the device automatically switches off.

Step 3.

Once the control lamp has gone off , raise the water heater and lead it to the drinking cup.

Step 4.

Slightly press the water heater for approx. 5 seconds against the drinking cup – the outlet valve opens and hot water flows down into the drink-cup. (Fig.4)

Step 5.

After the infusion, return the water heater into the free cup holder (Fig.5).

Please read the safety and use instructions before using.

The device is only suitable for 12 V direct current and requires at least a 15 A fuse.
Warning: To avoid using up of the auto-battery, it is recommended not to cook water when the engine is off. Do not open the cover while the water is boiling or while the appliance is heating. Only operate the device in the cup- or can-holderof the vehicle. Do not operate the device, or have it operated, within the reach of children. The traffic and safety regulations that respectively apply must be observed and complied with. Never immerse the water heater in water. Before plugging in and switching on the appliance always first fill it with water, close the cover and secure it with the Safety Switch & Lock (Fig.A1) Immediately fill the device with water when the heater is empty and working. Only fill the water heater with water (150ml) up to the level marked as „max“ at the perforated section. If you frequently use mineral water , descale the device as you would do to a coffee machine. For the preparation of hot drinks, soups etc., use the standard commercial water-soluble instant products or teabags for cup portions. The 12 month guarantee extends to the appliance function but not to unintended improper use. Rights or claims which go beyond this in particular such as compensation for damages caused outside of the product – provided there is no obligatory legal liability – and compensation for material damage or personal injury which is caused by improper use or contraventions of the valid road traffic regulations during its use shall be excluded. In guarantee cases , please return the appliance with the purchase invoice and your declaration to the seller.