Thanks to its ONE-HAND operation, innovation and development made in Germany , the Hot-E-Cup makes hot drinks very easily ,quickly and safely when on the road. Unlike the traditional water kettles, this heating unit is at the top and the hot water drains directly into the drinking cup underneath. The hot drink is ready within 5-10 minutes with easy one-hand operation without the worry of splash or scald.

Technic Details

A – heater, A1 – safety switch & lock, A2 – LED control lamp,
A3 – lid, A4 – plug, B – cup holder, C – drinking cup,
C1 – splash barrier, C2 – mixer

Voltage: 12 V
Heating load: 175 W
Fuse: 15 A
Heating volume: 150ml
Time: 95° C in 5-10 minutes
Drinking cup: h 110 x D 85 x d 60mm
Heater + cup: h 135 x D100 x d 60mm
Warranty: 24 months



1. Put the hot drink powder or tea bag into the cup and mount the splash guard (Fig. 1) onto the drink cup.
2. Open the device and fill it with water.
3. Close the folding lid. Lock the folding lid (Fig. 2) and plug into the socket. (Fig. 3)
4. Press the safety switch & lock till the LED lamp lights up. (Fig. 4)
5. The LED pilot lamp shines until the device switches off automatically. Once the pilot lamp has gone off, raise the water heater and bring it to the drinking cup. (Fig. 5)
6. Slightly press the water heater against the drinking cup for approx. 5 seconds – the outlet valve opens and the hot water flows down into the drinking cup. (Fig. 6)
7. After the infusion, put the water heater back into the free cup holder (Fig. 7).

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Worldwide patented, exclusive by:
SUNIWAY Imp & Exp GmbH
Redderblock 29c
22147 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49 40 3685 3195